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How is everyone? It's been a terribly busy time for all it seems :)

My deadline has passed, and I can now finally, slowly get back to translating again. Yay!
glad, yama

Run run!

I just got started on script 11 a few days ago. But a new deadline has just been set by my boss, so I'll probably be busy with art-stuff for the next month and a half. Will take translation back up again after that.

(And just maybe in between, if I need to get away from drawing once in a while <_<)

So yeah, that´'s my status for now.


Man, time flies. Guess it's about time I make a post here to make people now I'm still alive ^^;

Just recently got back from a 4 work school period that sucked up all my time. (Just when I think it's over, something new comes along :P). Script 10 is pretty short though, so it shouldn't take too long. I'm a little past halfway through it.


Holidays and current deadlines are over, and I'm finally through script 6 as well. A few more days of looking it over, and I'll upload it.

Alive! Sort of

I think it's about time I make an update ^^;;

233/619 lines translated so far. No progress has been made in a weeks time, since I'm working desperately on a deadline - but when that has passed, I should get back to finishing it.


Maybe it's about time I make a status report on script 5.

200 out of 568 lines so far. Making slow progress!

So much to do....

Well, script 2 has been handed over. Looks like wakannai  will be taking over for a while? I hope you'll get through the semester alive, firestorm717 :)

If any of you have more scripts that you want me to try my hand at, feel free to send them over. In the meantime I will try and get some more work done on my commissions ^^
glad, yama

Aaaaand script 2!

And with that, script 2 has now been translated. I'll take a couple of days more for reading through the script and trying to tackle some of the lines that I couldn't figure out before handing it over, just like last time.

helsing, guns

A demon has appeared

Getting close to the end!

I reached a point in this script where a demon appears and attacks Little and Inukai. In japanese, this demon speaks mostly in katakana - should I do something special about this when translating (like have him talk in caps "I WANTZ TO EAT YOUR SOULZ"* style whenever there are katakana) or just keep going with normal text?

Oooh I have many questions, don't I? :P

(*without the "z"'s of course ;) )


Seems a couple of weeks has passed already, so I better post an update. 378 lines of 716 in scene 2 translated so far. There a good deal of stuff in there that's giving me a hard time, so I already have a list of notes to go along with it ^^;

I wonder how well my first translated script has done so far. Hopefully it doesn't need too much checking and fixing so it's still helpful :P