Update hum-hum~

Hello, it's me! What, who am I? You don't remember?
Well, I don't blame you...

Since I'm lazy, here is the general status quo copy/pasted from My Neoromance:

As a lot of the people who volunteered to help with editing and such have disappeared soon after, and the project leaders being very busy with real life, I have been given permission to take over management of the project for the time being.

Translation is nearing the halfway mark. There is still a long way to go though, and even the parts that have been translated still need to be gone through and checked/edited. We don't have any translation checkers and editors left! But if you consider signing up for any of those tasks, please only do so if you believe you have the skills and dedication to do so!

Almost since the time this project was begun, there has been talks of making a beta patch with a couple of the first chapters in the game. This was both to give interested parties a chance to try out some of the game, plus get some interest in the project. That way we could get some feedback on the translation and maybe a little more help with things.
I'm still interested in doing this partial patch. Scripts needed for it are pretty much done. I just need someone good enough at playing around with flash compilers to make the patch.

As for other things.... a new editor volunteered, and I have been preparing scripts for her and checked some lines that I couldn't translate before.

And chapter 15 was finished, so I guess it's off to 16 now...

Life is terribly busy at the moment with dayjob, commissions and other serious business on the side, but I'm still not giving up on this. I am sorry to be this slow of a translator, but at least it's better than no-one working on it, right?.... right?

See you some time!

14 done!

Just finished script 14. Man, that was a long one... had some awesome scenes in it though (along with some less awesome ones).

Next? Script 15. 661 lines. Sigh.

Work work...

I'm back, translating script 14 of Princess Nightmare.

206 out of 813 lines so far, so I'm a good 1/4 into it. Finally reaching one of my favourite moments in the game.

Also still hoping to hear some signs of life from you other team members out there.

Well... see you

So I guess things are pretty dead these days. Hopefully it will liven up when I get back...

As mentioned I'm leaving the country on the 25th, so I'll officially sign off now - see you all again in December where I hope to speed things up with the translation again.


Anyone out there?

Ao, anyone still alive on the team? It's been a while...

I myself am pretty busy with another school period and preparing for a trip, so translation of script 14 is going slow. So far I have reached 90 of
813 lines (ugh, long script).
I'll try to get a good deal more done before the end of september though. On the 25th I will be going on a 2 months trip out of the country, and won't be able to be active for quite a while. Just to let everyone know.

Script 13 done

Script 13 done! Will upload later. Unfortunately I had to leave a couple of sentences untranslated again this time.

So.... anyone still alive out there? :P


Script 12 is done!

Most amazing thing is, no lines are left untranslated this time, and there is a very small amount of lines in the "notes" file. Huzzah! Take that evil script! (I kind of liked this one though...)

Let's hope that doesn't mean that it is littered with errors :P

 I also translated 373 lines today. Is it this late already...? I'm worn out, lol....

Script will be uploaded to the wiki shortly.

Script 11 done!

Script 11 is finally done! Radu you pervert!

As usual I'll look this script over at couple of times to see if there's is something more that I can still improve, and then I'll upload it to the wiki.